Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes

Table of Contents


1. Sound-Related Codes (1): MIDI and its Extensions
Contributions by Kjell Nordli, David Cooper, Kia Ng, Roger D. Boyle, Max V. Mathews, Walter B. Hewlett,
Eleanor Selfridge-Field, and others

2. Sound-Related Codes (2): Non-MIDI Codes for Sound Representation and Control (Csound, Music Macro Language, NeXT Score File, (Radio Baton) Conductor Score File)
Contributions by David Bainbridge, Toshiaki Matsushima, David Jaffe, and Max V. Mathews


3. (1) DARMS: The A-R and Note-Processor Dialects, Canonic DARMS, Extensions for Lute Tablature and Mensural Notation
Contributions by J. Stephen Dydo, Thomas Hall, Frans Wiering, Lynn Trowbridge, and Eleanor Selfridge-Field.

4. (2) Other ASCII Representations: Common Music Notation, M*TeX, Music Scribe, SCORE
Contributions by Bill Schottstaedt, Werner Icking, Philip Hazel, and Leland Smith.

5. (3) Graphical-Object Descriptions: LIME's Tilia and Nightingale's Notelist
Contributions by David Cottle, Lippold Haken, Tim Crawford, Don Byrd, and John Gibson

6. (4) Braille Music Notation
Contributions by Roger Firman, Bettye Krolick, and Sile O'Modhrain


7. Management and Analysis (1): Monophonic Representations (EsAC, RISM)
Contributions by Helmut Schaffrath and John Howard

8. Management and Analysis (2): Polyphonic Representations (Kern, MuseData)
Contributions by David Huron and Walter B. Hewlett

9. Representations of Musical Form and Process
Contributions by Ulf Berggren and Andranick Tanguiane

10. Interchange Codes
HyTime and Standard Music Description Language (SMDL)
Contributions by Donald Sloan and Steve Newcomb

Notation Interchange File Format (NIFF)
Cindy Grande

Standard Musical Expression (SMX)
Toshiaki Matsushima

Beyond Codes: Issues in Musical Representation
Eleanor Selfridge-Field

Uninvented Codes: Guidelines for New Codes
David Halperin

Glossary, Index
Edmund Correia, Jr.